12 de mai de 2012

Hello readers of the United States/ Leitores de nosso blog nos ESTADOS UNIDOS

Hello. Peace and wellness in Christ.
We are very happy in the Church of Good Jesus in Bauru.
We pray for all of you there, we met in the Internet.
Our blog has many views in the United States of America.
The states that have more readers, are the Georgia (270 in Atlanta) and California.
But, I will study the possibility of record some prayers and messages in English and send it to you .
I'm glad that Mary has translated. She does not know but I know ,she's a great person.
Thank you for reading my blog all over America.
We love the American people too.
I have many friends, especially in Florida.
Sorry, if my English is not perfect.
God bless you in Christ's peace.

Rev Damasio
Priest ICAC / Bauru Brazil.

Answer e mail received from USA. blog

Ps:Resposta e  email recebido dos EUA, em qualquer lugar do mundo escreva para padredamasio@hotmail.com, com isto recebemos direto. Esta pessoa foi via site e depois blog.
Os dois estados americanos que mais temos leitores  são:Georgia e Califórnia e cidade com mais acessos , Atlanta.